How to Wash Hey Dudes:
3 Easy Ways

Use these 3 easy methods to wash and clean your Hey Dude shoes the right way.


Most Hey Dude shoes are safe to wash in a standard washing machine, but all Hey Dude Shoes are easy to clean in at least one of the following easy ways.

Cleaning your Hey Dude shoes is only half of the story. Read our bonus tips at the end to keep your Hey Dudes fresher for longer.

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Method 1 of 3

Send Hey Dudes through the washing machine.

Simply sending your Hey Dude shoes through the wash is the easiest way. Just don't do this if your Hey Dudes are a special fabric (leather, wool, etc.).

  1. Remove your laces and memory foam insoles from the shoes.

  2. Send the shoes through a cold delicate wash cycle with mild detergent.

Method 2 of 3

Clean Hey Dudes by hand.

This is the best and most thorough way to wash your Hey Dude shoes if your shoes are really dirty and need a deep cleaning.  Again, don't do this if your Hey Dudes are a special fabric (leather, wool, etc.).

  1. Fill a bucket with water and a small amount of mild soap.

  2. Submerge your shoes in the water for a few seconds.

  3. Now that the shoes are wet, use a sponge, brush, old toothbrush to remove any dirt or stains from the shoes.

Cleaning Products
Soap and Towel

Method 3 of 3

Wipe Hey Dudes with a towel.

This is the quickest and safest way to wash your Hey Dude shoes, especially if your Hey Dudes are a special fabric (leather, wool, etc.).

  1. Get a towel wet with warm water.

  2. Use the towel to wipe the stains and dirt off of the shoes.

  3. Rinse towel and repeat as necessary to achieve cleanliness.

Bonus Tip 1 of 3

Dry your Hey Dudes thoroughly.

After washing your shoes, or even after wearing them for the day, you should let your shoes fully air dry until no moisture remains.

Here are a few ways to dry your shoes:

  • Air dry the shoes rested against a wall at a 45 degree angle.

  • Air dry the shoes in front of a fan to speed the process.

  • Air dry the shoes by hanging on a clothesline.

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Bonus Tip 2 of 3

Rotate through multiple pairs of shoes.

Instead of wearing the same pair of shoes every day, get more pair of shoes that you can rotate through. This will upgrade your style. This will also prevent any single pair of shoes from getting worn out so fast, and prevent your feet from pains caused by any one pair of shoes.

Here are some ideas on how to scale up your shoe collection:

  • Get more Hey Dudes, even if it is the same exact size and style of the one you have.

  • Try searching for generic Hey Dudes alternatives with search terms like:

    • "casual loafers"

    • "laid-back slip-ons"

    • ​​"linen canvas shoes"

Bonus Tip 3 of 3

Use some shoe deodorizers.

After wearing your shoes the shoes could benefit from using some deodorizers. This will help prevent odors from developing in the first place.

Here are some options to consider for deodorizers:

  • Lightly sprinkle inside of shoes with a foot powder.

  • Lightly sprinkle inside of shoes with a general purpose baking soda.

  • Spray inside of shoes with a foot spray.